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Biggest Gold Mine Ever Discovered? Wahooly!

Hold on to your gold and silver! And mining stock! CashInfo.org has found a new focus besides gold and silver: internet startups. As owner of this site I will start to post about internet startups in January when Wahooly.com launches! For the time being Wahooly is still accepting co-founders like me! If your Klout score is above 35 you get the chance to turn your influence into equity! This might be the biggest gold mine you have ever discovered! If this link to the special Klout Perk stills works, you’re in!

I became one of the co-founders @ Wahooly.com!

Wahooly Logo


What the Wahooly?

Imagine that you owned just a fraction of Facebook, because you joined at start-up, let’s say 0,0002% well, today that would present a value of about $20 million. Or what if you had a piece of any company bought by Google? By signing up as a user to one of the startups that Wahooly presents to you, you become an instant shareholder in that startup. If you signup for all 200 startups that Wahooly presents over the next 12 months, you’ll be a shareholder in 200 startups.Let’s say that a new socially-driven photo sharing service is in need of initial users. They would contact Wahooly. They will ask them a series of questions, determine their potential in the marketplace and negotiate a percentage of equity that they’ll provide to these initial users.

Once the details have been ironed out, they send the opportunity for you to check out. If you like it, you signup. If you don’t like it, you do nothing and wait for the next one.

For the sake of the example, let’s say you liked it.

Now, this new startup offered up 5% equity for 5,000 users. That means that you, along with 4,999 other users all own an equal share of that 5%. Not too shabby for simply signing up.

What if you wanted a bigger piece of that pie?

As a shareholder, you hold the key to how much of that 5% you own. These startups are looking for active users, but more importantly, users that are willing to become advocates for their brand. And using a secret formula (aka: a real geeked-out algorithm), they track how big of a brand advocate you are. This is real-time tracking that you can monitor at any time by accessing your personal dashboard on Wahooly.com.

Your dashboard will provide you with the latest information on all of the startups you have a share of, along with your piece of pie. (Tracking it will be your new addiction.)

Conflicts of Interest?

Wahooly just announced a partnership with CMP.LY (pronounced ‘comply’), a tool that helps bloggers and other digital influencers disclose conflicts of interest.

Wahooly on Twitter ; Founders of Wahooly on Twitter: Dana Severson, Connor Hood, and Tony Holmes
Wahooly on Google+
My personal Twitter account (in Dutch) Alexander Aardema and on Klout