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Mining Companies and Social Media. Top-5 mining companies on Twitter. List of all miners on Twitter.

Twitter has become a very important marketing tool for many companies, it enabled them to reach their customers and shareholders in a whole new way. Most mining companies however are very traditional, of the thousands of mining companies in the world, only a handful have discovered Twitter. Let’s start with our own portfolio, only two companies have a Twitter account. Rubicon Minerals (@RubiconMinerals) and Avino (@Avino_ASM), both account are used infrequently. We have put them in the list “portfolio” on our own Twitter account (@CashInfo_org) and will continue to retweet them as well.  Barrick Gold (@BarrickGold), Rio Tinto (@RioTinto) and Kinross Gold (@kinrossgold) are the only three large-cap mining companies that use Twitter (for now). In this new series of articles about social media and mining companies we will watch how they make use of their accounts and will rank them accordingly!

TOP 5:

On number 5: Copper Creek Gold (@CopperCreekGold) ; With 2791 followers this very small company clearly beats the bigger miners. They do rewteet when relevant, we would like to see some user interaction!

On number 4: Soltera Mining (@SolteraMining) ; 6542 followers, links tom relevant articles and retweets sometimes. User interaction is missing.

On number 3:Mandarin Venture (@mandarinventure) ; 6031 followers, good tweets, retweets and some user interaction as well.

On number 2: Logan Resources (@LoganResources) ; 4863 followers, good tweets, relevant retweets and interaction with followers, that is Twitter as it should be!

On number 1: Bayfield Ventures (@Bayfield_BYV) ; With 10125 followers they clearly create the most exposure for their company. Since they retweet and interact with other users al well, Bayfield is the winner!

note: In this top 5 list we have only looked at what company makes the best use of Twitter. This is no buy/sell/hold alert, advise whatsoever, just a Twitter ranking!

The CashInfo Twitter List of Miners (by number or followers):

Bayfield Ventures: @Bayfield_BYV : 10125 followers

Soltera Mining: @SolteraMining : 6542 followers

Mandarin Venture: @mandarinventure : 6031 followers

Logan Resources: @LoganResources : 4862 followers

Cypress Development: @cypress_cyp : 4766 followers

Pearl Asian Mining: @ZNextPearlGold : 3403 followers

Copper Creek Resources: @CopperCreekGold : 2791 followers

Kodiak Exploration: @KodiakExp : 2763 followers

Rio Tinto: @RioTinto : 2284 followers

Barrick Gold: @BarrickGold : 1309 followers

Avino Silver and Gold Mines: @Avino_ASM : 942 followers

Apella Resources: @apellaresources : 899 followers

Commerce Resources: @CommerceResCCE : 743 followers

Canadian Shield: @CdnShield : 727 followers

Cedar Creek Mines: @CedarCreekMines : 595 followers

Kinross Gold: @kinrossgold : 492 followers

Fire River Gold: @FireRiverGold : 486 followers

Kingsgate Mining: @kingsgatemining : 458 followers

Rubicon Minerals: @RubiconMinerals : 549 followers

Silver Falcon Mining: @SFMI : 421 followers

Quest Rare Minerals: @QuestRM : 372 followers

Avalon Rare Metals: @AvalonRareMetal : 353 followers

Tirex Resources: @TirexResources : 321 followers

Puget Ventures: @PugetVentures : 320 followers

Yukon-Nevada Gold Corp.: @Yukon_Nevada : 313 followers

Abacus Mining: @AbacusMining : 273 followers

Stroud Resources: @StroudResources : 270 followers

Euromax Resources: @EurOmaxRes : 257 followers

Miranda Gold Corp: @MirandaGold : 245 followers

Londoni Gold Corp: @Londonigoldcorp : 230 followers

Ucore Rare Metals: @UcoreRareMetals : 230 followers

Agnico-Eagle Mines: @agnico_eagle : 220 followers

KIG Mining: @KIGMining : 214 followers

Donner Metals: @donnermetals : 192 followers

TVI Pacific: @tvipacific : 190 followers

Entrée Gold: @entreegold : 170 followers

Hunter Dicison Inc: @HDI_Mining : 170 followers

Riverside Resources: @rivres : 163 followers

Rugby Mining: @RugbyMining : 162 followers

Aura Minerals: @AuraMinerals : 159 followers

Ascot Mining: @AscotMiningplc : 158 followers

Golden Dawn Minerals: @goldendawninc : 158 followers

Kuru Mining: @CrusaderVI : 152 followers

Austral Minerals: @AustralMinerals : 133 followers

Exeter Resource Corp.: @ExterResource : 131 followers

Alexis Minerals @AlexisMinerals : 128 followers

Noront Resources: @NorontResources : 105 followers

Cliffs Natural Resources: @CliffsIR : 99 followers

Oro Gold Resources: @OGR_V : 92 followers

Beltra-Gold Mining: @BeltraGold : 84 followers

Montero M&E: @Monteromining : 82 followers

Geodex Minerals: @GeodexMinerals : 70 followers

Endeavour Silver: @EDRSilverCorp : 68 followers

Uranium North: @UraniumNorthUNR : 65 followers

GEMERA: @GEMERA_AR : 64 followers

Golden Shamrock: @Golden_Shamrock : 59 followers

Equitas Resources: @equitascorp : 52 followers

Mayan Gold: @MayanGold : 50 followers

Global Cobalt: @GlobalCobalt : 40 followers

Elray Resources: @ElrayResources : 38 followers

NovaGold Resources: @NovaGold : 21 followers

Laquinta Resources: @Laquintares : 11 followers

Rhodium Limited: @Rhodiumltd : 11 followers

Primero Mining: @PrimeroMining : 0 followers (after a week our request for follow is still pending)

You can follow these companies all at once by following the lists on our Twitter account!

If you know any mines that are missing from our list, please let us know  and we will include them!

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