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The New Gold Standard Already Exists! How Islam Can Teach Us All.

In 2009 we already discussed the possibility of a new Bretton Woods on this site. Since then not much has happened, but if governments don’t act, people will.
Please watch this video, it is part of a documentary broadcast by the Dutch network VPRO. Back to gold and silver coins, so simple. The gold Dinar and silver Dirham are accepted widely in Indonesia. Most governments would not allow such a system to develop. But in Indonesia the government allows it (for the time being). That is because this monetary system is according to Islamic law, and the fiat currency system most counties use is not. The best part of this documentary is that “people on the street” tell you what some of the best economist of the world have already told you. How paper money is just a means for governments (a.k.a. “the rich”) to take your belongings.
“The creation of dirhams (silver) and dinars (gold) is one of the blessings of Allah.
Allah has created dirhams and dinars as judges and mediators between all commodities so all objects of wealth are measured through them.” Imam al-Ghazali

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